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Which of the following definitions best describes the "UAT" stage of the Delivery
A. Will be the process's introduction to the complete end-to-end business process
B. Will be the readiness to be roll out into the production environment
C. Will examine the process prior to a solution design and the commencement of the configuration
D. Will explain how the process willbe automated
Answer: C

Which of the following statements describe the "Organization" for creating the foundations of
a Robotic Operating Model?
A. Defining the management, reporting, scheduling and referral handling processes for BAU
B. Agreeing the engagement model required to support operational processes
C. Defining the organizational design that best supports delivery of the RPA capability and aligns with
corporate strategy and culture
D. Identifying the expected business benefits and outline how these align to corporate strategy
Answer: A

Which of the following statements are true when describing the role and responsibility of the
Head of Robotic Automation?
A. Responsible for delivering RPA to the business
B. Responsible for oversight of the technology platform; interacting with IT as required
C. Manage internal and external dependencies to maintain business continuity
D. All of the above
Answer: D

Which of the following factors will not impact the time it takes to complete the journey?
A. Size and complexity of the organization
B. Cultural Adoption
C. Best Practices. Standards and Governance
D. Using agile methodology
Answer: C

Which of the following best describes the Live Proving phase of "Testing"?
A. Blue Prism processes are to be ran in a new or changed environment, testing must be done to
ensure the environment is set up correctly
B. Is a customer driven testing phase, giving the business the opportunity to ensure that the Blue
Prism solution that is being delivered fullymeets their requirements?
C. Process testing to ensure that all thespecified functionality is built into the process and it works as
expected, and the process is ready forverification
D. Ensures that the delivered process meet requirements, all known scenarios have been recognized
andtested, and an opportunity is given tothe business to identify anything previously missed inthe
process documentation
Answer: C

What percentage of tasks when onboarding a real person does Blue Prism state are still
relevant to onboarding a Digital Worker?
A. 80%
B. 90%
C. 30%
D. 70%
Answer: B

What does ODI Stand for?
A. Object Definition Instructions
B. Object Definition Instruments
C. Object Design Instruction
D. Object Design Instruments
Answer: C

Much of the following is nota foundation in the Robotic Operating Model?
A. Strategic Planning
B. Organization
C. Delivery Method
D. Technology
Answer: A

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