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Exam AZ-301

Inspected skills
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Your development team plans to use an Azure subcription to test new applications. The
application will reside on Azure virtual machines. The developers will be responsible for managing the
subscription shared resources will be used by more than one appliacation.
You need to recommend a deplyment solution that meets the following requirements:
Minimize administration effort for the develops
Ensures that the testing environment can be recreated consistently
Ensures that the testing cycle is complete, all the resources, except for the shared resources
associated to each application are deleted What should you include in the recommendation?
A. Use an Azure PowerShell script to create the resources. Place the shared resources in one
resource group Place the application-specific resources in separate resources groups.
B. Use JSON templates to create the resources. Place the shared resources in one resource group-
Place all the application -.pacific in a resources in second resource group
C. Use an Azure PowerShell script lo create the resources. Place the shared resources .and the
application-specific resources in the resources group.
D. Use JSON templates to create the resources. Place the shared resources in one resource group, the
application-specific resources in separate resource group.
Answer: B

You are planning to deploy an application by using the Azure Kubermets Services (AKS)> the
application will reedy on having access to an encryption key that will be used to ... transmit files What
should you use to provides the encryption key AKS security?
A. ConfigureMap
B. a Kubernetes deployment YAML file
C. Azure Storage Service Encryption
D. secrets
Answer: B

You are designing an Azure we app. You plan to deploy the web app to the Europe Azure
region and the West Europe region.
You need to recommend a solution for the web app. The solution must the following requirements:
Users must always access the web app form the North region, unless the region fails.
The web app must be available to users if an Azure region is unavailable.
Deployment costs must be minimized.
What should you include in the recommendation? To answer, select the appropriate options in the
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

Your company has 300 virtual machines hosted in a VMWare environment. The virtual
machines vary in size and have various utilization levels.
You plan to move all the virtual machines to Azure.
You need to recommend how many and what size Azure virtual machines will be required to move
the current workloads to Azure. The solution must minimize administrative effort.
What should you use to make the recommendation?
A. Azure Advisor recommendations
B. Azure Migrate
C. Azure pricing calculator
D. Azure Cost Management
Answer: D

You need to recommend a high-availability solution for the middle tier of the payment
processing system.
What should you include in the recommendation?
A. an availability set
B. the Isolated App Server plan
C. availability zones
D. the Premium App Service plan
Answer: C

You need to deploy resources to host a stateless web app in an Azure subscription. The
solution must meet the following requirements:
* Provide access to the full .NET framework.
* Provide redundancy if an Azure region fails.
* Grant administrators access to the operating system to install custom application dependencies.
Solution: You deploy an Azure virtual machine to two Azure regions, and you deploy an Azure
Application Gateway.
Does this meet the goal?
A. Yes
B. No
Answer: B

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